What Is Pétanque Game?: History of (pétanque) and How To Play It

Playing games

Have a member of the first team stand in a circle and throw a jack

They can throw jacks in any direction. It should land between 20-33 feet (6-10 meters) from the circle and must be at least 3 feet (1 meter) from any object (such as a tree) that might interfere with the player’s swing.

After throwing the jack, ask the same team member to throw the first boule

They should be in the middle of the circle and attempt to make a boule near the jack or (preferably) in front.


Have a member of the second team stand in a circle and throw a boule

The second team’s goal was to end their boule closer to jack. If the second team succeeds, it will get the closest boule to jack. Teams that don’t have points, have to play the next boule. In addition, they must continue to play until they get points or run out of boules.


Change teams when a throwing team earns points

If Team A’s member throws a boule closest to the Jack, Team A wins the points. Team B then has to throw. If Team A throws a boule and then hits the jack closer than Team B, Team B earns points. Then it’s time for Team A to throw. This continued until both teams got out of the boule.


Winning a Round

Continue until both teams throw all their boules

This is the stage to end the round. If one team uses all its boules first, the opposing team will throw all remaining boules. The round ended after all the boules from both teams had been thrown.

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Calculate the score for the winning team

After all the boules were thrown, the team with the best boules won the round. The winning team gets one point if their boule is closer to jack. Losing teams certainly don’t get points.


Starting a New Chapter

Start the next round

To do this, the team that won the last round drew a new circle on the ground. They also threw away the jack. In the new circle, all players must stand up to throw their boules. The winning team from the previous round went first.


Continue playing until one team reaches 13 points

Continue the game until it results in the team winning and losing.


Can petanque be played on grass?

Petanque can be played on any field. However, grassy pitches or smooth surfaces such as bocce pitches are not recommended. Grass can slow down the ball and it will be difficult to roll it.

The presence of hidden grass is also one of the inhibitory factors, so players will have difficulty avoiding the obstacles because they can’t see them.

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Best Surface For Petanque

Petanque can be played anywhere. You can play it in the garden, hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. In addition, you can also play it on the sand as well as grassless soil.

However, the best surface to play petanque on is gravel. Gravel provides friction while allowing the ball to roll smoothly on top of it. The most important thing is that the surface is dry and easy to drain.

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