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What Is The Most Recognized Type Of Toucan: And What does a toucan look like?

Is Toucan a legal pet?

Morality says this act is illegal. To obtain toucan as a pet, in some countries imposed penalties with fines or imprisonment, prohibiting the sale, possession, or reproduction because it is in danger of extinction.

The only way to get Toucan as a pet is to have a core ecological certificate, respecting the agreed CITES on transportation and origin. But this requires ample space as well as getting special permission to store it at home.

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What foods does Toucan usually eat?

Toucans are vegetarian animals. Their bellies are very small so that the food they have eaten will not last long in them. Therefore, they need hydrated food.

For those who have Toucan as a pet at home, it is usually fed with small, softballs made of rice. They also usually add carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes.

The basic Toucan diet consists of apples, melons, peaches, bananas, pears, mangoes, kiwis, papayas, and strawberries. They also like water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, corn, or peas. The daily diet of toucans should consist of 60% fruits and vegetables. The remaining 40% should consist of several side dishes.

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What diseases can Toucan have?

Toucans do not have a very long life expectancy, especially if living in captivity. This is because they may suffer from several very typical diseases, such as:

Ripping off feathers

If the toucan suddenly uncontrollably plucks its fur, this is a sign that it may have parasites among its feathers. The disease can also be caused by emotional stress or a very low mineral diet.


Abnormal molt

Toucans change feathers usually once a year. However, if the hair falls out suddenly, this can be caused by the toucan feeling nervous if the cage is moved.



It is the most common disease that toucans can have and the leading cause of their high mortality in captivity. Increased iron levels in some organs, as well as blood flow, cause this disease. If detected early, the toucan can heal, but if left unchecked it can increase and become hemosiderosis.



If the toucan eats food in poor conditions, it is not surprising that the toucan ends up having parasites. Therefore, he will lose his appetite, feel sad and hopeless.



Toucans are highly resistant birds, but not free of catching the flu. The main reason is that the cage is located in a place with airflow. Birds usually feel better by taking antibiotics in water.


Fast facts about Toucan

  • Toucans can live up to 20 years.
  • Toucans hatch from eggs in a naked state with no feathers at all.
  • Newly hatched Toucan cubs do not look too different from other birds.
  • Toucans are not included in the list of endangered species, but the illegal pet trade among humans affects the number of toucans.
  • Toucans have a narrow tongue 6 inches (15 cm) long that is gray.
  • Adult toucan birds tuck their beaks under their wings as they sleep.
  • Toucans do not migrate.
  • In addition to rainforests, toucans also live in tropical savannas and shrubs.

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