What is The Special and Benefits of Plum Tomato

What is The Special and Benefits of Plum Tomato? Tomatoes are scientifically referred to as Solanum Lycopersicum and belong to the family Solanaceae. It is consumed as a fruit or vegetable which can be eaten raw or as a processed product.

Tomatoes have some beneficial health effects due to the presence of lycopene and some other vitamins. Although timeless from its origin, it is cultivated as an annual crop for agricultural purposes. In this article, I reviewed two common types of tomatoes namely Roma and Plums, as well as their specific characteristics and differences.

What is a plum tomato?

Plum tomatoes are one of the most popular types of tomatoes widely cultivated in Europe and America. Also referred to as processed tomatoes and tomato pastes due to their specific purpose of use.

Plum tomatoes or Italian-style tomatoes are red, dense, egg-shaped tomatoes. These tomatoes are fleshy and are used to make tomato sauce or tomato paste. It can also be served as a tomato salad. The two types of tomatoes shown here are San Marzano on the left and Rome on the right

Unlike standard tomatoes that are round in shape, the shape of plum tomatoes varies from oblong, to cylindrical. Also, the size of the fruit varies according to its variety. Although large tomatoes are found on the market, small size plum tomatoes are more famous than others for their ease of use.

Nutrition Information For Plum tomatoes

Serving Size 1 cup cherry tomatoes

Calories 27Calories of fat 0

% Daily Value *

Iron 0%

Sugar 4 g

Protein 1 g 0%

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 0%

Total Fat 0 g 0%

Saturated Fat 0 g 0%

Cholesterol 0 mg 0%

Sodium 7 mg 0%

Potassium 353 g 10%

Total Carbohydrate 6 g 0%

Dietary Fiber 2 g 10%

How do plum tomatoes taste?

Like all tomatoes, the outside of the plum variety tends to be rather soft. So make sure you don’t force yourself when deciding to buy it.

However, on the inside of plum tomatoes are usually quite dense and tender, more often than not, containing fewer small seeds stuck in the teeth. The lack of many seeds means they usually also do not have much liquid in them, since the viscous part inside the tomato is the one that protects the seeds.

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Not only that, but I also have How To Choose The Best Coconut Powder and How To Use It to produce a good menu of cuisine, often we need coconut milk. Starting from sweet foods, such as green bean porridge, to gouge requires coconut milk in the processing process.

The following are the benefits and properties of plum tomatoes for health:

Although small in size, plum tomatoes are very rich in nutrients that are good for the body. In addition to its high water content, it also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the end plum tomatoes can have a good impact on the body. And to find out more about what are the benefits and properties of plum tomatoes for health, you can read our review below.

What is The Special and Benefits, of Plum Tomato

Maintaining Eye Health

The eyes are one of the vital organs that we need to take care of their health. One way is to consume plum tomatoes regularly. It is high in vitamin A content that can maintain eye health and prevent eye problems as well as short-sighted eyes.

Supporting Diet Programs

For those of you who are on a diet program, do not forget to include plums in the list of foods that you should consume regularly. This tomato fruit contains many nutrients that can support your diet program. Starting from fiber, vitamin C, and a variety of minerals.

Boosts Immunity

Plum tomatoes are very good at maintaining the health of your body. Its vitamin C content can boost your immunity. That way, you will avoid various seasonal diseases such as flu and cough.

Maintaining Bone Health

Everyone wants to have healthy bones and avoid various bone problems, such as osteoporosis. Therefore, it does not harm you if you start consuming plum tomatoes regularly. This tomato fruit is high in calcium content that can maintain bone density and prevent it from composting.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that slowly loses its density, making it weak and prone to fractures or fractures.

Healthy Skin

The fifth benefit of plum tomatoes is healthy skin. It is no secret, this tomato fruit does contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good to maintain the health of the skin. Not only able to nourish the skin, vitamins and minerals can also prevent the occurrence of various skin problems.

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Counteracting the Adverse Effects of Free Radicals

Free radicals are a health threat to all of us. Therefore, we must ward it off by consuming foods containing antioxidants. Like these plum tomatoes for example.

Preventing Cavities

Calcium owned by plum tomatoes can not only maintain bone health. This calcium will also maintain the density and strength of our teeth. That way, consuming plum tomatoes regularly will also prevent us from cavities.

Overcoming Thrush

As we already know together, plum tomatoes are very rich in vitamin C. In addition to improving our immunity, it turns out that vitamin C still has other benefits for health. One of them is to prevent and overcome canker sores.

Preventing Cancer

The antioxidants that plum tomatoes have do have tremendous benefits. In addition to maintaining the health of the skin, it is also able to ward off the adverse effects of free radicals causing cell damage. By minimizing cell damage to the skin, it means that plum tomatoes will also prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Maintaining Heart Health

The heart is one of the vital organs that support our lives. Therefore, it is mandatory for us to always take care of his health. One way is to consume plum tomatoes regularly. This tomato fruit is very rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for heart health.

See below, Benefits and Properties of Plum Tomatoes for Other Health:

  • Sources of Vitamins
  • Natural Anti Acne
  • Skin Lightening
  • Smooth skin
  • Preventing Wrinkles
  • Preventing Dehydration
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Overcoming Back Pain
  • Maintaining Skin Moisture
  • Preventing High Blood Pressure
  • Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels
  • Disguising Fine Lines

Are there different varieties of plum tomatoes?

There are very small varieties of plum tomatoes, whose size is close to grapes, and therefore called grape tomatoes. It has fewer seed compartments and less water composition improves the quality of the final product, which can be a sauce or paste. There are high variety differences in the type of plum tomatoes.

There are many types of plum tomatoes, three to be exact, all of them are the tomato of choice for home cooks and chefs everywhere! Its flavor, color, along with its sturdy, dense texture make plum tomatoes the most sought after when cooking!

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How are plum tomatoes used?

The lack of plenty of water and plum tomato seeds makes them perfect for use in sauces and processed portions of pasta. No one wants pasta sauce too diluted!

The taste is often described as quite sharp since tomatoes contain acid. That’s why, if you ever get a cut tomato juice, it might taste like it’s going to burn for a second! However, plum tomatoes are also a little sweet, making them an excellent option for a quick snack!

Despite its savory and sweet taste, plum tomatoes are not very strong, making them suitable for sauces and portions of pasta! Adding herbs like oregano and basil won’t go away in the plum tomato flavor it will only enhance it.

Replace Plum Tomatoes

If your recipe requires fresh plum tomatoes, you can replace any of the following options:

Canned substitutes for fresh for 1 pound fresh tomatoes use 1 1/2 cups canned whole tomatoes.

You can use a regular tomato slicer and a few teaspoons of tomato paste. Slicing tomatoes are more diluted and sweeter than plum tomatoes so the paste will thicken the mixture slightly and add a deeper flavor.

Re-create about 6 – 8 sun-dried tomatoes. Tomatoes will still have a chewy texture and maybe sweeter depending on the brand. It works well in pasta dishes, casseroles, and sauces.

Tips for storing plum tomatoes

Tomatoes are easily oxidized, which can affect other fruits or vegetables quickly cook. Therefore, keep tomatoes in plastic and keep them away from other fruits or vegetables.

For the type of tomatoes that are still green, keep them in a cardboard box until the color is red and ripe. Or if there’s no cardboard box, put it in a plastic box and it’s papered.

Tomatoes that are ripe or ripe should be thoroughly washed and stored at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight and store in a lined way, not stacked so that it does not ripen easily. In this way, it can last up to 2-3 days.

Tomatoes are overcooked, when they are tender and very ripe then it is better to keep them in the fridge so that they can be used longer and stay fresh. When it will be cooked, allow for a moment the room temperature so as not to lose its original aroma.

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