What is This Sharp Pain in my Chest | And How to Diagnose Middle Chest Pain As Pressed

What is This Sharp Pain in my Chest

Feeling pain in the middle of the chest like being pressed, often makes a person panic. The reason, many of these things are a lot of signs of a heart attack. The appearance of chest pain is generally felt in a variety of sensations. Starting from a dull pain, to feeling like being stabbed by a sharp object. In certain cases, the pain may radiate to the neck, to the jaw, and to the back or down one or both arms.Find out What is This Sharp Pain in my Chest, in the following article.

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What Causes Sudden Sharp Pain in Chest?

As mentioned earlier chest pain could be a sign of a potentially life-threatening medical condition or a sign of the discomfort of a minor issue like ingestion. For example in America, there are around 5.8 million patients go to the emergency room with chest pains, and 15% are diagnosed with heart-related issues that are not related.

But, a sudden sharp chest pain whether you’re at rest or working out isn’t something to be overlooked because it could be a sign of a more serious issue or not. Here are a few causes of sudden chest discomforts.

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GERD is the Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

It may cause acute and painful chest pain which can be misinterpreted as an attack of the heart. It can occur as an outcome of stomach contents, or acid flows back into the food pipe, thereby inflicting pain on the esophagus resulting in chest pain or burning sensation.


Stable Angina

This typically is experienced during physical activity like climbing steps or exercising. The pain lasts only several minutes, and then it goes away after the rest.



This is generally an inflammation of the lung liner. It is a feeling of tension or pain in your chest that gets worse if you attempt to take an inhalation.



This is an inflammation of cartilage. It can cause discomfort in the chest region near the breastbone as an outcome of an infection caused by viruses.


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