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What Temp is Chicken Done: Here’s How to Recognize Perfectly Cooked Chicken ( grilled, fried and boiled chicken )

Chicken meat is one of the favorite side dishes of many people, both old and young. In addition to being processed with various types of cooking recipes, know all about What Temp is Chicken Done: Here’s How to Recognize Perfectly Cooked Chicken ( grilled, fried and boiled chicken) chicken is also a source of animal protein that is quite cheap compared to beef.

Although fairly easy to process, in fact not a few of us have difficulty in ensuring the chicken meat is perfectly cooked aka not raw when consumed. Eating under cooked chicken meat can cause food poisoning due to salmonella and E. coli bacteria, or other symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever.

At what temperature is the chicken cooked already cooked?

Finding the right balance of maturity is very challenging, but not impossible. One common tip is to cut the thickest part of chicken meat, but if it’s cooked, it means smaller or already overcooked pieces.

An easy trick to know the chicken is cooked well is to use a thermometer. Test the temperature in the area of the chicken thighs, near the chicken breast, or the thickest part of the chicken. The United States Department of Agriculture states that the temperature of all cooked poultry must reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit or the equivalent of 74 degrees celsius.

However, another report says to cook chicken until it reaches a temperature of 70 degrees celsius because it will rise to 74 degrees celsius when the stove is turned off. Make sure your thermometer doesn’t touch the chicken bone because it can give the wrong maturity result.

Thermometers are an important and good kitchen staple for checking the maturity of chicken meat and other meats. There are a few other clues to make sure that the chicken meat you cook is perfectly cooked.

The trick, by measuring the size of the chicken because it will shrink when cooked. Also, pink or pink chicken meat is a sign that chickens may not be safe to eat. It appeared to be flesh that still had blood.

Do not poke too far inwards or cut the meat completely to check the moisture in the chicken meat. So that the meat does not dry, do not remove the bones and skin of the chicken when cooked.

Why Should Chicken Meat Be Cooked Until Cooked?

Eating raw fish or half-cooked steak is perfectly legal. But, why can’t you eat half-cooked chicken? When you’re tired of eating fried fish, you might be able to eat raw fish at a Japanese restaurant.

And when saturated with spiced beef, you just have to eat a steak with a medium-rare maturity level to a Western restaurant. Well, when bored with processed chicken meat around, wherever you go there is no dish made from chicken meat cooked half-cooked.

Several suggestions mention that chicken meat should indeed be cooked until completely cooked! Then, why should the chicken be cooked so, whereas the others should not?

Signs of PerfectLy Immature Chicken Meat to The Inside

The inner chicken meat is red

From the outside, it may seem crisp and ripe to brown, but when split, the inside chicken meat is still reddish-white, this is the main sign of immature.

Chicken meat is still juicy

Chicken meat that is cooked inwards should not release water if the meat is torn. Even if the meat is indeed juicy or juicy, it is perfectly cooked, not too wet, and tends to be softer.

There’s still blood near the bone

Sometimes even though the chicken meat is white, but it turns out that there are still red-brown blood clots near the bones. This is also a sign that the chicken is not yet cooked properly.

Meat tends to be a hard

Properly cooked chicken meat should be tender not a lot. If the texture of chicken meat is chewy and a lot means the chicken is not fully cooked.

Is there a bacterial threat from immature chicken meat?

According to the doctor rather than fish and beef, chicken meat and other types of poultry should be cooked until completely cooked. Moreover, a few years ago, it was horrendous bird flu that attacked much poultry and fatally as a result if humans were also infected.

So, processing chicken meat until cooked aims to kill any viruses that are still left behind. Not only the meat, chicken eggs must be cooked until cooked to prevent bacterial infection. Chicken eggs contain salmonella bacteria that cause typhoid fever so they must be cooked just like meat.

Typhoid is a disease caused by the germ Salmonella typhi and it is commonly transmitted. Experts say chicken is one of the foods that most often cause poisoning.

More than 1 million people are infected with Salmonella each year and more than 800,000 people are infected with campylobacter bacteria. And one of the triggers comes from eating chicken meat or eggs that are not cooked.

And I also have a recipe that you may try 7 Best Mexican Side Dishes to Serve is Mexican cuisine characterized by flavorful ingredients such as corn, chili, tomato, chocolate, and vanilla. Mexican food also has a spicy reputation.

Who can be affected by Salmonella and Campylobacter infections?

Food poisoning infected with Salmonella or Campylobacter bacteria can be harmful to health, especially in children and pregnant women. Although most cases of food poisoning will recover in a relatively short period, in certain cases, this condition can lead to complications such as:

  • Renal failure
  • Nerve damage
  • Chronic arthritis

That the pleasure of eating half-cooked chicken is not worth the risk that can be posed. Once you eat raw chicken, which contains food borne disease-causing bacteria, the body will respond to immunity.

The body’s cells will combat the bacteria and try to prevent it from doubling down. Symptoms of food borne illness can vary in each person. But usually, sufferers will experience:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach cramps

However, this does not mean that fish and red meat are safely eaten raw. Both must also contain bacteria, but the levels are not as much as chicken meat. All, fish are also rarely contaminated with viruses. Thus, the risk of infection after consuming raw fish is also smaller.

But again, although eating fish meat raw and eating half-cooked red meat is allowed, still, the safest way to consume a variety of meat is cooked until cooked. Because that is the only way to minimize the risk of bacterial infections or dangerous viruses.

Now that you know, why should chicken be cooked until cooked? When buying fried chicken, grilled chicken, or chicken soup whose meat or bones still appear to have red blood left behind, it is best to ask the cook to cook it again until the blood disappears.

In addition to paying attention to how to cook it, the cleanliness of kitchen utensils used in the house should also not be forgotten. Separate the cutting board to cut the chicken with a cutting board to cut vegetables so that there is no cross-contamination. So, never try to eat half-cooked chicken meat, yes! In addition to still feeling fishy, the risk of developing harmful bacteria is also very high.

Know how to know roast chicken is perfectly cooked?

The way to check the maturity of whole roast chicken is to look at the liquid from the chicken meat. Tilt the chicken meat so that its legs are under and the liquid from the chicken meat flows out.

If the liquid on the chicken meat is still red, then the chicken is not yet cooked. But if the liquid in the chicken meat has been clear, then the chicken is cooked.

Remove from oven when chicken is cooked. That, leave the chicken for 15 minutes for the chicken meat liquid to infuse again and make the roast chicken soft and not dry. After that, you can then cut and serve the roast chicken.

How to know fried chicken is perfectly cooked?

There are several ways to know that fried chicken meat is perfectly cooked and safe to eat, especially when cooking as follows:

What Temp is Chicken Done

Check with a kitchen thermometer

If you cook a whole chicken dish with thick meat, it may be difficult to see the maturity of the chicken through sight. Therefore you can use a kitchen thermometer.

The trick is to puncture the thermometer on chicken meat that is quite thick, then see if the number on the thermometer has shown the appropriate temperature figure of cooked chicken? The maturity level of chicken meat is at a heat of 73 degrees celsius.

Check by sticking a knife into chicken meat

You can also check the maturity of chicken meat by sticking a knife into the chicken meat. If after being stabbed the meat releases a clear liquid, it means that the meat is cooked. Conversely, if the meat is still bleeding it means that the meat is still under cooked.

The color of the meat turns white

The characteristics of cooked chicken can also be seen from the discoloration of chicken meat when cooked. Cooked chicken will turn white and look juicy, not dry.

If it is dry it means that the chicken meat is overcooked. Usually, a well-cooked chicken is cooked within 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, the duration of the cooking depends on the size of the cooked chicken meat. The thicker the chicken, the longer it cooks.

How to check the boiled chicken is perfectly cooked?

If in doubt about the duration of boiling the chicken, you can insert a thermometer into the middle of the chicken meat to ensure its maturity level. Cooked chickens will reach a temperature of 75 degrees celsius.

If you don’t have a special meat thermometer, look at the maturity of the color of the chicken meat. Usually, cooked chicken meat is no longer pink but yellowish-white.

Use medium heat when boiling the chicken, but immediately turn it down if the water is already boiling so that the chicken meat does not a lot.  Add 1-2 teaspoons of salt to the boiled water as a natural softener.

Tips for Cooking Chicken Meat to Ripen Perfectly into the Inside

Don’t cut it too big

Small pieces of chicken that do not get too big will shorten the cooking time because the meat is faster to ripen. Especially if you want to fry chicken crispy that is prone to not ripen the inside.

Cuts of meat on several sides

If you still want to cut a large size, give the chicken meat an incision on some sides to make the inner meat easier to cook, whether fried, roasted, or cooked gravy.

Cooking process over low heat first before frying

The safest way to cook the fried chicken to ripen perfectly is to first take the chicken before frying. If it has been cooking process over low heat for at least 30 minutes, the chicken does not need to be fried for too long.

Cooked a bit long

If you still want to fry the chicken directly in the raw state without being cooking process over low heat first, make sure to fry it for a long time with a lot of oil until the chicken sinks. Do not use high heat as it will only ripen the outside.

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