Where are your Kidneys Located: And How about Back Pain vs. Kidney Pain

Where are your Kidneys Located

  • The back wall of your abdominal cavity is where the kidneys are located.
  • Due to the liver position, the kidneys on the left are usually a little higher.
  • The kidney is not located within the peritoneum, which is why it’s called a retroperitoneal or retroperitoneal organ.
  • A small amount of fat tissue, the muscles of the back, and the ribs provide protection for the kidneys.

Where are your Kidneys Located: And How about Back Pain vs. Kidney Pain

Where are your Kidneys Located and Where are your Kidneys Located in your Body

Where are your Kidneys Located and Where are your Kidneys Located in your Body. Your kidneys are two pairs of beans-shaped organs located below your ribs and behind your belly. One on each side of your spine. Each kidney measures approximately four inches in length, which is almost the same size as your fist. These organs filter your blood and remove wastes. They also control your body’s fluid balance and electrolytes.


Where are your Kidneys Located on your Back

Where are your Kidneys Located Your kidneys are bean-shaped organ that is located between your back and your back muscles. There is one on each side of your spine.


Kidney Pain: Location and Sensation

People tend to think of pain between the ribs, hips, as either digestive problems or muscle back pain. But, kidney pain can be felt anywhere but the location of the kidneys.

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Between the lower rib and the buttocks, you can feel the pain of renal or flank problems. You may feel the pain radiating to your abdomen or groin. The cause of kidney pain can affect which side you feel the pain. Sometimes, kidney pain can affect both the right and left sides of your back.


Back Pain vs. Kidney Pain

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference between back pain and kidney pain. Kidney pain can be mimicked by muscular problems or other diseases. Other symptoms are often present when pain is caused by your kidneys. You may experience changes in your urine or fever.

Back pain can be distinguished from kidney pain. This is because the pain may get worse or better when you move your back muscles. Back pain is not like kidney stones pain, which can come on suddenly and in painful waves.

The pain sensation of flank or kidney pain, which is generally located just below the ribs, is typically more severe. Muscular back pain is often located in the lower part of the back.

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What is the Difference Between Back Pain and Kidney Pain?

Sometimes, back pain due to other causes, such as muscle, bone, or nerve problems, can be difficult to distinguish from pain caused by kidney disease.

How to distinguish ordinary low back pain from that caused by kidney disease,

  • Low back pain is centered in the lower back and above the tailbone. While kidney pain is in the area higher than the waist.
  • Back pain feels dull and sometimes causes a burning sensation.
  • The spread of low back pain around the back can even reach the toes. If the symptoms of low back pain are due to the kidneys, the pain can spread from the lower abdomen to the inner thighs.
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If your back pain is so severe that it interferes with daily activities, or is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting, or incontinence, consult a doctor immediately.

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