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Whether Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Damage To Other Parts Of The Hair?

Most women feel unconconsurance with the growth of hair on their body, especially in the armpits, legs, and hands. In addition to waxing and shaving hair, laser hair removal is one of the treatments that are in great demand by the eves. whether laser hair removal can cause damage to other parts of the hair?


What is a laser hair removal procedure?

Having smooth skin without fine hair is every woman’s dream. Now to get it, a large selection of methods can be done quickly and painlessly. One of them is laser hair removal.

This treatment is commonly offered for hair removal. The usual parts of getting this treatment include the chest, back, shoulders, arms, neck, abdomen, and legs. The procedure is not recommended for the eyelid area, as it can cause severe wounds to the eyes.


Why does the laser hair removal procedure need to be done?

Laser hair removal is a method of skincare using laser beams to remove fine hair. This light serves to destroy the roots of the hair.

Laser beams will be fired towards the hair pigment then converted into heat energy and passed to the hair follicles. Hair follicles will be exposed to heat and damage so that the growth of fine hair slowly stops.


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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

If you want to do this treatment at a well-known clinic with an experienced doctor or therapist, you will be charged a minimum of $20.00 to $83.00 per session – depending on the area where the hair is removed.

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And you won’t see the results in just one session. Depending on your body and skin, you will need more than one and sometimes even a dozen. You should prepare a fairly large check before you perform laser treatment.


Who shouldn’t do laser hair removal?

Although laser hair treatment is a safe action, individuals with the group below are advised not to undergo laser hair removal:

  • Owners of skin types prone to pigmentation
  • The owner of light-colored skin and hair. Laser hair removal machines are specific. People with light skin and hair have a higher sensitivity to certain machines. You are advised to undergo treatment using a machine that suits the condition of your skin. For example, using an Nd-YAG machine for you who are dark-skinned.
  • Undergoing certain medications. People taking isotretinoin drugs are more sensitive to light. If you have allergies and infections of the skin beforehand, you should first consult a doctor before carrying out treatment
  • It’s in pregnancy. The influence of hormones makes the hair in the putting or abdomen of pregnant women grow rapidly. However, exposure to laser beams and chemicals used in this treatment is prone to cause disturbances in the fetus.


What to prepare before undergoing laser hair removal?

There is no special preparation for laser hair removal. You simply follow the doctor’s instructions to improve the effectiveness of the procedure and reduce any side effects that may occur. Preparations to be made include:

  • Avoid sun exposure a few days before undergoing treatment
  • Avoid the use of irritating products
  • Not waxing
  • Not using drugs that increase the risk of bleeding such as aspirin
  • Apply bleaching cream recommended by your doctor, if your skin is dark

Besides, do not undergo laser hair treatment when having a skin infection. Delay this treatment until the infection heals.


whether laser hair removal can cause damage to other parts of the hair?


How is the laser hair removal procedure done?

Before the laser hair removal action begins, the doctor will clean the part of the body that will get the treatment. If the part is sensitive, the doctor will add anesthetic gel to make the patient comfortable. During the action, everyone in the auction room should use eye protection to prevent eye damage from laser beams.

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When the anesthetic drug has effectively worked, the doctor will fire a high energy laser beam at the area of the skin. The wider the welded area, the longer the duration of the procedure.

This action rarely provokes painful sensations. However, some people will feel the sensation of being stung by a bee and burning. To reduce the effect, usually, the doctor will add a process in the form of cooling the skin or compressing with ice.


What results do laser hair removal procedures get?

Laser hair removal does not give instant results. You need to undergo 6-12 treatments for 1 series of sessions. The effect of this treatment varies on each person.

Because of the use of laser beams, sometimes there are hair follicles that are not destroyed. When the hair follicles are destroyed, then the hair will stop permanently. Meanwhile, if that is partially destroyed, your hair can grow back.

Hormones, hair type, skin base color become factors that influence the results of laser hair treatment. To that end, many experts recommend the treatment be repeated about 4-6 weeks after the previous series of sessions. However, this treatment is ineffective for light or blonde hair.


Benefits of laser hair removal

After laser treatment, the feathers will not grow in a few months or even years.

When the fur begins to grow back, its number will tend to decrease, the thickness of the new fur will be thinner and smoother, it will not be so noticeable. To keep the body fur-free, it is recommended to routinely perform laser treatments.


Risks of laser hair removal

Surely you do not be happy just yet with the benefits of laser hair removal. This is because there are some risks that you may face after laser hair removal. The following are some risks and also side effects of laser hair removal treatments, including:

  • You will experience skin irritation, discomfort in the skin, redness, and swelling of the area that has been removed by the fine hair. Symptoms and also signs of such risks will certainly disappear within a few hours after the laser hair removal process is completed.
  • The risk that may occur from laser hair removal is the presence of pigmentation that can change the skin.
  • Laser hair removal can certainly make the skin darker or lighter, although in general this condition only occurs temporarily. However, if there is an error in the use of lasers, it will make the skin darker than before. This is the reason why many people decide to do laser hair removal techniques.
  • Laser hair removal can certainly cause thickening of the skin, scarring, other changes in the texture of the skin, and also cause blisters.
  • Another risk that you may be able to face is the onset of gray hair and also fine hair that grows excessively on the area to be treated. Besides, laser hair removal is also not recommended for the area around the eyelids. This is because it can cause severe injuries that occur around the eyes.
  • Exposure to other rays can certainly interfere and also stimulate melanin production. If this happens, then you will experience what is called hypopigmentation or skin enlightenment. If it stimulates melanin, then you will experience darkening of the skin.
  • If not done carefully, then laser hair removal treatment can cause damage to the eyes due to the light from the laser.
  • Itching is a side effect after performing laser hair removal techniques.
  • The laser will most likely burn the hair follicles as well as burn your skin.
  • Quite severe infections can certainly occur as a result of laser hair removal treatments.
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Once we know the benefits and also the dangers to our body, then of course you can decide wisely before you start doing laser hair removal treatment.

In terms of benefits and also dangers of course laser hair removal provides more side effects compared to its benefits for health. But if you want to do this treatment, then make sure you have the best clinic to minimize the occurrence of certain side effects. Hopefully useful!

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