Which Symptoms are Typically Absent in Hiv Renal Failure | And What is Hiv Symptomer

What is the impact of HIV/AIDS on kidneys?

The kidney issues associated with HIV are generally called HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN). As high as 30% of those suffering from HIV or AIDS have proteins in their urine as a sign of a problem with kidney function. Approximately 10% of people suffering from HIV suffer from kidney disease. This signifies that HIV patients comprise about 1 to two percent of end-stage the renal disease (ESRD) population.

The problems with the kidneys that are associated with HIV result directly from the HIV as it enters the kidneys, and is multiplied, or through the drugs, patients need to take to treat HIV. The highly active treatment for the antiretroviral disease (HAART) as well as other HIV treatments may cause adverse consequences that can cause kidney damage and kidneys, such as:

  • The condition is known as lactic acidosis. It’s the accumulation of lactic acid inside the body
  • Obstruction caused by crystals — a formation of crystals within the kidneys
  • Interstitial Nephritis is a condition that causes the tissues around the kidneys to get inflamed
  • Abnormalities in electrolytes — changes in the body’s concentrations of calcium, sodium, or potassium

Which Symptoms are Typically Absent in Hiv Renal Failure | And What is Hiv Symptomer

What can I do to tell whether I suffer from kidney disease?

Many people who have early kidney disease don’t exhibit symptoms. The most effective way to determine if you are affected is to test for the condition. There are two tests to determine if you have kidney disease.

Urine Test called ACR. ACR stands for “albumin-to-creatinine ratio.” Your urine will be analyzed for albumin. an albumin is a form of protein. Your body needs protein. But it should be present in your blood not in your urine. The presence of protein in your urine could mean that your kidneys aren’t effectively removing blood from your body. It could be an indication of kidney disease that is early. If the urine test is “positive” about protein levels, it should be repeated to verify the result. Three positive tests over at least three months are an indication of kidney disease.

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The Blood Test to calculate Your GFR. The blood test will look for a waste product known as creatinine. Creatinine is a byproduct of muscles. If the kidneys become damaged they’ll have difficulty removing creatinine from your blood. The creatinine test is just the initial step. Then, the creatinine test result is then used in a mathematical formula that incorporates your race, age, and sex to figure out your GFR. The GFR number informs your doctor how your kidneys are functioning.

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