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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop

The behavior of pets, especially dogs is unpredictable. One of them is the behavior of eating cat feces. This condition can be caused by various factors. However, do you know what is the reason why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop.

Find out more about how to prevent and stop dogs from eating cat litter in this article.


What Does It Mean If a Dog Eats Cat Feces?

Coprophagy is a term used to describe the act of eating feces. Coprophagy is a scientific term when every living species feeds on feces, either dogs or humans.

Several health conditions can make a dog feel hungry all the time. This could be the reason they try to eat dirt from the sandbox. Some examples are Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, and certain malabsorption intestinal disorders.

Usually, if your dog experiences any of these health conditions, you’ll notice other changes, such as weight gain and weight loss, increased thirst, more frequent urination, vomiting, or diarrhea.


What’s interesting about it?

When a puppy eats feces, it’s more out of curiosity and wants to play. Other dogs may eat feces simply because they taste good and smell very foul. It’s common for dogs to chew on things that smell bad, like worn socks, shoes, and dirty laundry, including underwear.


Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Medical Reasons

Medical conditions such as anemia and malnutrition can be the reason why dogs eat cat litter. However, this is a rare cause. The reason can be triggered by intestinal or pancreatic problems. It could also be due to the drugs that dogs consume.

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Inherited Behavior

Cat litter eating behavior could be passed down to dogs genetically. Family members of dogs such as wolves are known to eat feces when unable to find prey.

In any case, they get some essential vitamins from impurities. Dogs have the same instincts as wolves, and this could be the reason why they eat cat litter.

When the puppy is young, the mother licks her bladder and intestines to stimulate her. He even eats garbage to keep the environment clean. So the behavior of dogs that feed on feces may have been learned from their mothers.



When a dog eats cat feces, it can be a sign that it is losing some vitamins in its diet. If you consider this as one of the reasons, then consult a veterinarian immediately.



It may sound strange, but some dogs love the taste of cat litter. This is especially true for puppies who love cat food. Depending on the cat’s food, its feces can contain a sufficient amount of protein and fat.

As already mentioned, dogs are scavengers, which means they can feel whatever they see, although the choice may seem surprising.



Dogs can decide to visit the sandbox because they are bored. They feel more excited when they visit it. If you think boredom is one of the triggers for dogs eating cat litter, then take a walk twice a day or so.

Playing with dogs outside can also be a distraction. They would rather play than visit the sandbox.

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