Why (Left Foot Swells But Right Does Not): Causes and How to Treat It


Some medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, can cause fluid retention that will cause swelling of the left leg. This possibility increases with the use of drugs in the long run. Some diabetes pills and blood pressure are also the cause of edema because it affects circulation and blood flow.

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Why (Left Foot Swells But Right Does Not): Causes and How to Treat It

Swelling of the left leg caused by inflammation


Any serious injury to the feet and ankles is capable of producing an inflammatory response. Potential injuries can result in a broken leg, tendon, or sprained ankle. In addition to swelling and redness, the affected leg will have difficulty withstanding the load and pain if touched.



Cellulitis is a type of skin infection that occurs when bacteria (usually staph or strep) enter the skin through the wound. This creates a swollen, red area of the skin that will feel soft and hot to the touch. Although cellulitis can appear on any part of the body, the lower leg is the most commonly seen place.

Cellulitis is always a concern of doctors because it has the potential to develop into sepsis if the infection reaches the bloodstream. If you experience a red rash, swelling, and pain that changes rapidly along with a fever, get emergency medical treatment immediately.



Arthritis arises with different symptoms depending on the cause and area affected. In addition to making mobility painful is also difficult, joints can become swollen. If this happens in the knee or ankle, as a result, your left leg may be swollen.

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Uric acid is a type of arthritis, caused by the accumulation of crystals in the joints rather than the bones themselves that come into contact.


How to diagnose swelling of the left leg?

Observe and compare between the left foot and the right foot, whether they are the same size, or different. If you find a difference with the swollen left leg, it looks shiny and the skin feels tight. In the next step, you can try by pressing the swollen leg a little longer, then remove it.

If the pressure is left on the hole or indentation, it becomes a sign that you are experiencing a serious problem. Contact your doctor immediately to consult on this issue.

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