Why (Left Foot Swells But Right Does Not): Causes and How to Treat It

How to treat swelling of the left leg?

Treatment for the left leg relies heavily on the underlying diagnosis. If you believe swelling of the left leg requires treatment, then you should take it to the doctor along with the associated symptoms to get the right treatment.

Almost any cause of swelling of the left leg can lead to deformities, disability, decreased quality of life, severe pain and discomfort, or even death if left untreated. The exact treatment you get will vary greatly depending on the root cause.

Below are the different ways that can be done to treat swelling of the left leg:

Soak your feet in brine

You may have heard that brine is often used as a toothache remedy. In addition, it turns out that brine is quite effective at overcoming swollen feet. Rub the swollen area of the foot with brine. But especially for patients whose condition is severe enough, it is better to take a bath with saltwater to recover soon.


Massage with orange oil

Muffled in a tub of water that had been dripped with orange oil. Orange oil can also be used by gnawing on the foot area.


Do yoga regularly

Swelling that occurs in your legs may be caused by a lack of exercise so blood circulation is not smooth. As a solution, do exercises such as yoga to move the body but stay focused on blood circulation. Yoga can be done alone without an instructor, but it would be better if accompanied by an instructor.

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In addition to yoga, swimming can also cure swelling in the legs. At the time of swimming, the legs will continue to move so that the body can float. So, it is this activity that helps the body fight gravity so that edema can be resolved.

After swimming, straighten the legs to relax them. Massage a little on the calf. If you have enough time, do this method regularly to get maximum results.


Use medical stockings

Some health product manufacturers are now starting to produce medical stockings. You can get it easily both online and offline. This product is suitable for women to overcome swollen feet.


Massage slowly

Pregnant women who have swollen legs can try this solution. But make sure you are thoroughly massaged by the experts. Usually, after a swollen massage will soon subside and pregnant women can return to normal activities again.


Drink enough water

One of the causes of swollen feet is a lack of fluid. Therefore do not be lazy to drink water, especially water. In order not to get bored and more refreshing, you can also add lemons and cucumbers, as it is excellent as an anti-inflammatory.


Avoid Tight Clothing

When the legs are swollen, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. In addition to being uncomfortable, this can make the swelling worse and slow healing.


Weight Control

Obesity can be one of the causes of swollen feet. Therefore, try to avoid this by controlling weight. Not only swollen feet, but obesity can also in fact increase the risk of various diseases attacking.

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Don’t Stand Too Long

Avoid standing or sitting too long as it can cause swelling to get worse. Be sure to keep your feet moving, especially when it starts to feel uncomfortable.


Reduce Salt Intake

One way to deal with swollen feet is to limit your intake of salt, sugar, and fat. This type of food containing these ingredients can increase the risk of piles of fluid in the body, as a result of which the legs become swollen.

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